Laren (laren) wrote in faspitch,

Faspitch in WBOB (UPDATED) + October Gigs

I am terribly late with this news, and for that I apologize:
Faspitch ranked #2 in the first round of WBOB.
Queso was chosen as the national representative.

Gigs for October:
OCT 18 (WED) @ Saguijo Cafe, Guijo St. Makati
OCT 19 (THU) @ Mayrics, España Manila
OCT 20 (FRI) @ Motorsports Alley, Katipunan Ave. Q.C.
OCT 21 (SAT) @ 6 Underground, C. Palanca St. Makati
OCT 25 (WED) @ Mugen Bar, Metrowalk Ortigas
OCT 26 (THU) @ Purple Haze, Tomas Morato Ave. Q.C.
OCT 27 (FRI) @ Al's Bar, Aguirre St. B.F. Homes, Paranaque
OCT 28 (SAT) @ Capones, Valero St. Makati

Please continue to support Faspitch!
Tags: lives, news, wbob
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October 10 2006, 13:11:17 UTC 13 years ago

Queso won
I know, but since it isn't relevant to Faspitch I haven't posted it.