Laren (laren) wrote in faspitch,

Survey Time

Faspitch survey time, folks.

I feel so weird being the only one to post here. I would try to get a discussion going, but something tells me it's not going to happen, so here's something everyone loves: a survey! Fill it out, post it as a reply to this entry, or in your own LiveJournal, or MySpace, or whatever.

Fourteen questions, one for each track on the album.

01. How long have you been a fan of Faspitch?
02. How did you find out about Faspitch (internet, radio, friend, etc.)?
03. What was the first Faspitch song you heard?
04. What's your favorite Faspitch song and why?
05. Are you friends with any of the band members? If so, before or after you became a fan?
06. Where do you live?
07. Have you seen Faspitch play live? If not, do you plan to?
08. Do you own a copy of The Future Of Ear Repair? If not, will you buy a copy?
09. Are you friends with the band on MySpace? Friendster? Multiply?
10. Are you subscribed to the Faspitch mailing list (Yahoo Group)?
11. Did you watch Faspitch on MYX Bandarito?
12. Have you been voting for Faspitch in WBOB? If not, have you told your friends to?
13. Do you listen to other acts on Lighter Records (Urbandub, Point Click Kill, The Ambassadors, Techisoba vs. Midi OK!, etc.)? Which ones?
14. Do you have a favorite Faspitch member? If so, who and why?

Feel free to add questions, comments, suggestions for the community, etc.

If you guys never do anything else in this community, please fill this thing out. x_o Salamat!
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