February 11th, 2007

  • laren

BaDBURN Videos - Gone!

And now for a bit of bad news:

The YouTube account BaDBURN (BaDBURN Videos) has been disabled.

Most of the Faspitch videos on YouTube are provided by BaDBURN. I talked with him last night and he informed me that it was disabled due to a DMCA complaint (strike three).

When I asked what he had posted that the RIAA had any authority over, he replied "just a couple of OPM videos I posted a year ago... I didn't think they'd go after me for that... should've [deleted them] but been busy with work".

He told me that he does have backups of the videos, but editing and uploading them all again is labor intensive, and he's busy at the moment. However, he does intend to reupload the videos (probably in a couple weeks), and assured me that after this incident, all BaDBURN videos will be "Cebu band videos only".

What this means for us:
1) No more videos from BaDBURN for a while.
2) The better part of the Faspitch videos linked to from here are no longer accessible.

As soon as I get word that the videos have been reuploaded, I will post the new links.
Thanks for your patience guys, spread the Sound of the South.