December 6th, 2006

  • laren

Updated Videos, Rants and Rumors

Hey guys.

Just wanted to let you know that I updated the video list again.

What's new? The MTV sessions: "All Under Heaven", "Staying This Way", "Breathe", "Namesake", and "A Day Before Pisces" (Henry was sick but I think he did really good under the circumstances), some live jam sessions (Henry and Russell with Urbandub x2, Henry with Hilera), and two live clips from AL's Bar in Paranaque (12/02/06)- watch Henry almost fall on his ass during "A Day Before Pisces"!

Rumor: By March, we should be hearing four new songs from Faspitch.

And now, for the rant:

What ever happened to moshing?

Perhaps this is a cultural thing, but to me it is absurd that in every Faspitch live clip I've ever seen, there is maybe one dude rocking out and everyone else is just standing (even sitting!) there.

What's worse is when all ten people in the front row have their camera phone/digital camera two inches from Henry's face for the duration of the gig. It's nice to want to keep some tangible memories of the live, but you can only stand there with your camera for so long before you're missing the entire point of a live show, which is to rock out with the rock band. Seriously, let's count the cameras in this video:

I count six cameras in this shot:

and two more here:

Now, bless their little hearts, these are our rockers right here. The guy in blue is totally into it, and the girl in pink- while not really MOSHING- is grooving pretty nice.

Camera Total: 8+
Rocker Total: 2

If you watch the video you'll see the girls with the cameras jump up and down a little, but I think it's just because they're sheep and sheep always jump up and down during the chorus.

There are a couple others making some half-hearted attempts at head banging, and I give them kudos for doing so, but everyone else in the first five rows needs to give up their spot to someone who cares. Seriously.

I have always appreciated the tamer mosh pit of the east, and the fact that there's actual pit etiquette that people follow, but there comes a point when as an observer I start to feel like you don't deserve to be there. It's not enough to pay your cover and then just mill around listening to the music. You need to show some appreciation. Singing along is good, but dancing is better and- at rock shows- moshing is best. It doesn't need to be wild and violent to be emotional and energetic. Just throw up your freaking hands and jump around a little. If nothing else, do it for me and that other dude so we don't look like idiots moshing by ourselves.

A good example of proper moshing is the pit at the MUCC concert in Baltimore. You can't tell from these screenshots at all, but I'm somewhere in the fourth row towards the right. Just watching this clip brings back all the excitement and adrenaline, even though I can't see myself and these shots weren't from my perspective at all.

And seriously, WATCH THE CLIP, because my screenshots do it no justice whatsoever:

It's a good example of relatively tame rocking- no one got hurt or trampled, and everyone had a kickass time. I'm not saying it was easy to hold my spot. In fact, jumping continuously was a necessity to avoid getting stepped on and slipping out of my place. I was in sneakers and I did fine; the only things that hurt at the end of the night were my kidneys from being dehydrated.

So... I don't care how small the stage is, or how small the venue is, or how famous the band is or isn't- rock hard: it's what the bands deserve.