August 11th, 2006

  • laren

Faspitch in WBOB

Faspitch is currently ranked #1 in the top ten pinoy bands for WBOB.

01. Faspitch
02. Sultans Of Snap
03. Sin
04. Queso
05. Angulo
06. Chicosci
07. Valley Of Chrome
08. Switch
08. Kapatid
10. Point Click Kill


Excerpt from Mark Tesch's notice:

For those of you who don’t know, Faspitch is one of the entries for the World Battle of the Bands and they need your votes to get into the finals that will be held in Hong Kong this year! Help the band represent the Philippines in this rocking event!

Smart Subscribers text: VOTE FASPITCH to 286.

This is open to Smart Subscribers only! So if you don’t have a Smart simcard, tell a friend to vote for them or get yourself a simcard too!

For those of us outside the Philippines, at this point we can only congratulate the band and pray that voting will continue to go in their favor until it ends on September 12th!

I got a note from Henry today and he was as surprised as everyone else:

"I'm starting to think there's something fishy going on in heaven if Faspitch is number 1 in the current tally hehehe... when Mark told me the other day I thought somebody might have played a prank on him but after checking the PULP forums I was shocked (even the guy who posted it was shocked)."

Happy times!

We have just under a month to keep voting so please keep Faspitch in first where they belong!

[updated 2006.08.13]