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Fans of Faspitch's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Fans of Faspitch

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BaDBURN Videos - Gone! [Sunday
February 11th, 2007]

And now for a bit of bad news:

The YouTube account BaDBURN (BaDBURN Videos) has been disabled.

Most of the Faspitch videos on YouTube are provided by BaDBURN. I talked with him last night and he informed me that it was disabled due to a DMCA complaint (strike three).

When I asked what he had posted that the RIAA had any authority over, he replied "just a couple of OPM videos I posted a year ago... I didn't think they'd go after me for that... should've [deleted them] but been busy with work".

He told me that he does have backups of the videos, but editing and uploading them all again is labor intensive, and he's busy at the moment. However, he does intend to reupload the videos (probably in a couple weeks), and assured me that after this incident, all BaDBURN videos will be "Cebu band videos only".

What this means for us:
1) No more videos from BaDBURN for a while.
2) The better part of the Faspitch videos linked to from here are no longer accessible.

As soon as I get word that the videos have been reuploaded, I will post the new links.
Thanks for your patience guys, spread the Sound of the South.

Updated Videos [Monday
December 11th, 2006]

Updated the videos again.

Any news?
Random rants or comments?
Announcements that you're still alive? o_x

Updated Videos, Rants and Rumors [Wednesday
December 6th, 2006]

Hey guys.

Just wanted to let you know that I updated the video list again.

What's new? The MTV sessions: "All Under Heaven", "Staying This Way", "Breathe", "Namesake", and "A Day Before Pisces" (Henry was sick but I think he did really good under the circumstances), some live jam sessions (Henry and Russell with Urbandub x2, Henry with Hilera), and two live clips from AL's Bar in Paranaque (12/02/06)- watch Henry almost fall on his ass during "A Day Before Pisces"!

Rumor: By March, we should be hearing four new songs from Faspitch.

And now, for the rant:

What ever happened to moshing?

Perhaps this is a cultural thing, but to me it is absurd that in every Faspitch live clip I've ever seen, there is maybe one dude rocking out and everyone else is just standing (even sitting!) there.

What's worse is when all ten people in the front row have their camera phone/digital camera two inches from Henry's face for the duration of the gig. It's nice to want to keep some tangible memories of the live, but you can only stand there with your camera for so long before you're missing the entire point of a live show, which is to rock out with the rock band. Seriously, let's count the cameras in this video:

I count six cameras in this shot:

and two more here:

Now, bless their little hearts, these are our rockers right here. The guy in blue is totally into it, and the girl in pink- while not really MOSHING- is grooving pretty nice.

Camera Total: 8+
Rocker Total: 2

If you watch the video you'll see the girls with the cameras jump up and down a little, but I think it's just because they're sheep and sheep always jump up and down during the chorus.

There are a couple others making some half-hearted attempts at head banging, and I give them kudos for doing so, but everyone else in the first five rows needs to give up their spot to someone who cares. Seriously.

I have always appreciated the tamer mosh pit of the east, and the fact that there's actual pit etiquette that people follow, but there comes a point when as an observer I start to feel like you don't deserve to be there. It's not enough to pay your cover and then just mill around listening to the music. You need to show some appreciation. Singing along is good, but dancing is better and- at rock shows- moshing is best. It doesn't need to be wild and violent to be emotional and energetic. Just throw up your freaking hands and jump around a little. If nothing else, do it for me and that other dude so we don't look like idiots moshing by ourselves.

A good example of proper moshing is the pit at the MUCC concert in Baltimore. You can't tell from these screenshots at all, but I'm somewhere in the fourth row towards the right. Just watching this clip brings back all the excitement and adrenaline, even though I can't see myself and these shots weren't from my perspective at all.

And seriously, WATCH THE CLIP, because my screenshots do it no justice whatsoever:

It's a good example of relatively tame rocking- no one got hurt or trampled, and everyone had a kickass time. I'm not saying it was easy to hold my spot. In fact, jumping continuously was a necessity to avoid getting stepped on and slipping out of my place. I was in sneakers and I did fine; the only things that hurt at the end of the night were my kidneys from being dehydrated.

So... I don't care how small the stage is, or how small the venue is, or how famous the band is or isn't- rock hard: it's what the bands deserve.
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Faspitch: MTV's Rising Star of October [Tuesday
October 10th, 2006]

From the Faspitch Yahoo Group:

MTV has chosen Faspitch to be their Rising Star for the whole month of October! So expect lots of cool news and performances by Faspitch on MTV. Just tune in and get their appearance schedules from there!

I also updated the last post pertaining to WBOB, and included Faspitch's gig schedule for October.

The video listing will also be updated today.

Please be patient guys, we've got good stuff on the way!

Faspitch in WBOB (UPDATED) + October Gigs [Tuesday
September 26th, 2006]

I am terribly late with this news, and for that I apologize:
Faspitch ranked #2 in the first round of WBOB.
Queso was chosen as the national representative.

Gigs for October:
OCT 18 (WED) @ Saguijo Cafe, Guijo St. Makati
OCT 19 (THU) @ Mayrics, España Manila
OCT 20 (FRI) @ Motorsports Alley, Katipunan Ave. Q.C.
OCT 21 (SAT) @ 6 Underground, C. Palanca St. Makati
OCT 25 (WED) @ Mugen Bar, Metrowalk Ortigas
OCT 26 (THU) @ Purple Haze, Tomas Morato Ave. Q.C.
OCT 27 (FRI) @ Al's Bar, Aguirre St. B.F. Homes, Paranaque
OCT 28 (SAT) @ Capones, Valero St. Makati

Please continue to support Faspitch!
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Faspitch in WBOB [Saturday
September 9th, 2006]

Faspitch is currently ranked #5 in the top ten pinoy bands for WBOB.

01. Queso
02. Sultans Of Snap
03. Angulo
04. Sin
05. Faspitch
06. Chicosci
07. Kapatid
08. Valley Of Chrome
09. Switch
10. Point Click Kill

(Source: www.pulpcommunity.com)

Smart Subscribers text: VOTE FASPITCH to 286.
(This is open to Smart Subscribers only!)

The first round of voting has been extended and will now end on September 15th- please vote for Faspitch and send the band to Hong Kong to represent the Philippines.

On an unrelated note, I've updated the video list. Please check it out and continue to support Faspitch!

Survey Time [Thursday
August 17th, 2006]

Faspitch survey time, folks.

I feel so weird being the only one to post here. I would try to get a discussion going, but something tells me it's not going to happen, so here's something everyone loves: a survey! Fill it out, post it as a reply to this entry, or in your own LiveJournal, or MySpace, or whatever.

Fourteen questions, one for each track on the album.

01. How long have you been a fan of Faspitch?
02. How did you find out about Faspitch (internet, radio, friend, etc.)?
03. What was the first Faspitch song you heard?
04. What's your favorite Faspitch song and why?
05. Are you friends with any of the band members? If so, before or after you became a fan?
06. Where do you live?
07. Have you seen Faspitch play live? If not, do you plan to?
08. Do you own a copy of The Future Of Ear Repair? If not, will you buy a copy?
09. Are you friends with the band on MySpace? Friendster? Multiply?
10. Are you subscribed to the Faspitch mailing list (Yahoo Group)?
11. Did you watch Faspitch on MYX Bandarito?
12. Have you been voting for Faspitch in WBOB? If not, have you told your friends to?
13. Do you listen to other acts on Lighter Records (Urbandub, Point Click Kill, The Ambassadors, Techisoba vs. Midi OK!, etc.)? Which ones?
14. Do you have a favorite Faspitch member? If so, who and why?

Feel free to add questions, comments, suggestions for the community, etc.

If you guys never do anything else in this community, please fill this thing out. x_o Salamat!
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